2017 Scholarship Program

Become an HPAIR Scholar!

This year, one of our main priorities is increasing the socioeconomic diversity of the conference by making the HPAIR experience possible for more delegates. We have worked to increase the financial accessibility of the 2017 Asia Conference by launching a new scholarship program that will award a mixture of partial and full scholarships to deserving delegates who demonstrate significant financial need. These scholarships would cover all (or some combination of) flight costs, registration fee and housing costs.

What are we looking for?

In general, HPAIR scholars exhibit the following qualities:

          • Passionate about HPAIR
          • Willing and able to make an active contribution to the HPAIR community
          • Stands to gain a lot from the HPAIR experience
          • Demonstrates a commitment to service, maturity & a global perspective

What are my responsibilities if chosen as an HPAIR Scholar?

As a HPAIR Scholar, you are put in the unique position of representing the HPAIR brand in your personal networks. You will be expected to:

          • Document your HPAIR experience before, during, and after the conference via a creative medium of your choosing (blog posts, photo journals, videos etc.). Get featured on our official Facebook page, the HPAIR blog, or even our website!
          • Be available as a resource to future HPAIR applicants with questions about the scholarship application and the HPAIR experience in general

When is the deadline?

The scholarship application deadline coincides with the regular application deadline. Kindly note that as you advance in the scholarship application, you will be required to send us financial documents (i.e. income tax documents) to help us verify your financial need.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While we are unfortunately unable to meet everyone’s financial need, HPAIR is committed to helping accepted delegates with all fundraising methods they choose to pursue. In the past, for example, many delegates have been successful with alternative funding options like crowdfunding or reaching out to external sponsors.

How can I apply?

Unfortunately, the deadline for applications has already passed.