2017 Asia Conference Ambassador Program

Application now open!

The deadline to apply to be a Conference Ambassador is November 11.

The HPAIR Conference Ambassador Program recognizes and rewards delegates that have gone above and beyond to inform other interested students and young professionals about the HPAIR Conference and the opportunities it provides. For the 2018 Harvard Conference, the Conference Ambassador application is integrated right into the general application, and now it is easier than ever to get involved!

Who is eligible to be a Conference Ambassador, and how do I become one?

Anyone who would like to apply early to the Asia Conference is also eligible to be a Conference Ambassador. You must submit your application by the early application deadline, November 11, 2017 at 11:59 EST, in order to be considered.  To become a Conference Ambassador, you need to answer three extra questions that apply to the Conference Ambassador program in a form located in the application portal. Please note that these questions are completely optional, and only need to be filled out by students who are interested in becoming a Conference Ambassador. You will still be eligible to attend the Harvard Conference without applying and/or being selected for the Conference Ambassador program.

What are my duties as a Conference Ambassador?

Conference Ambassadors are liaisons for HPAIR and must refer at least five accepted applicants to the conference. The HPAIR application will contain a section for applicants to write down a referral code for the delegate who referred them. Once five applicants have stated that you referred them to HPAIR and are accepted, you will receive all the perks of becoming a Conference Ambassador.

What are the benefits of becoming a Conference Ambassador?

All Conference Ambassadors receive the following benefits:

    • Exclusive access to speakers and staff during a special dinner
    • Guaranteed first-choice track and seminar topics
    • Unique, limited-edition Conference Ambassador merchandise
    • Special recognition during the conference
    • Exclusive dinner with CAs from all around the world

In addition, the top 3 Conference Ambassadors will have their registration fee fully waived. This is HPAIR’s way of saying thank you to our tireless ambassadors!

Moreover, we will engage with Conference Ambassadors during the conference planning process and use their input to improve the conference experience.

What if I have already referred people but have not been accepted as a CA yet?

You may ask your referred individuals to include your referral code as a reference in their applications. This way, if you are admitted into the CA program, those references will count into your total number of references in addition to the ones that will include your reference code once you become a CA.

How do I get started?

Log in to your HPAIR account and go to Settings. You will see your unique referral code there, which you can use to start publicizing the conference and working your way towards becoming a Conference Ambassador.

Have more questions? Contact our Marketing and Communication team at [email protected]