HPAIRxHong Kong: The HPAIR Talks

HPAIRx is a new initiative of the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations that will enter its second year at the 2016 Asia Conference in Hong Kong. It will give delegates an unprecedented and unique opportunity to give a short talk (10-15 minutes) on a topic of their choice that the audience can relate to. Through this initiative, we hope that not only will speakers provide an inspiring platform for change but that delegates themselves will learn from and be inspired by one another. This comes from our strong foundational belief that delegates make the conference what it is – our delegates have done and go on to do amazing and inspiring work, and we want to showcase that at our conference. HPAIRxHongKong is thus designed to be a window we can peek into that reveals stories of hope, struggle, change, innovation, and much more. Four or five delegates will be chosen from among the video and written submissions. Please read on for the guidelines below:

Application Instructions

        1. Submit a 5-minute video excerpt of your potential talk. If you foresee major technical difficulties (e.g., poor/very slow internet connection in your country), please let us know. We are not judging based on video quality, but rather on the content of your submission. If you are chosen to speak at the conference, you must expand upon the material presented in this 5-minute video. Please do not submit a PowerPoint. Videos should be done in one take.
        1. Copy and paste a short biography (under 250 words) below that captures both your personal story and your academic and/or professional achievements.

Criteria for Selection

We do not have specific criteria for selection as we want to be as open to your ideas as possible. You may choose whatever topic you think would be most inspiring and engaging to delegates, although we find that personal stories tend to be much more engaging than an overview of your panel topic, for example. To get some ideas flowing, you may want to check out past TED talks during your brainstorming process!


Opportunity to tell your story in front of more than 500 fellow delegates, free housing, recognition at the conference, special meal with HPAIR speakers, join and connect with a network of previous HPAIRx speakers!


HPAIRx applications will be evaluated by the organizing committee after each delegate application deadline. Kindly note that the earlier you submit, the higher your chances will be.

            • Early Deadline: March 30, 2016
            • Regular Deadline: May 15, 2016
            • Final Deadline: July 10, 2016


Please direct any questions you may have to the Director of Conference Programming, Michael He, at [email protected]. We look forward to receiving your submissions, and best of luck!